Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

Good quality tiles are important and homeowners are opting to work to tighter budgets and carry out essential and decorative work on the home independently. When looking for materials it is important that you work to a budget and know from the onset how much your budget is. Good quality tiles can be sourced at good prices and it is important that you are prepared to do a little extra work when looking around for materials.

Ceramic wall tiles are the most popular choice for bathrooms and there is a good reason for this. Ceramic tiles are very versatile and they are reasonably priced making them a popular choice.  Ceramic wall tiles are also a popular choice for kitchen wall tiles and there is so much choice in the decoration of the tiles. If you want to opt for decorative ceramic tiles you may have to stretch your budget a little but there are still some great ceramic tile choices at good prices.

Ceramic tiles however are generally cheaper than the alternatives and opting for more expensive decorative tiles can work out the same as other tile choices.  Larger tiles are generally more expensive and larger tiles are almost always used in kitchen environments.

Ceramic tiles are good quality tiles and many people also opt to have them as floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles can add elegance and style to any room and because of the wide variety of design and style, there is always a ceramic tile to match any interior.

More and more people are choosing to do their own home improvements, partly because of cost and ceramic tiles are relatively easy to lay providing you follow basic principles. Making sure you select the right tile is the first step and you may want to take extra time and care when selecting the right tile. Make sure you have all of the tools you are going to need before you start and many tile companies will help you choose and select the right tools for the job. Preparing the surface is also paramount and time spent in the beginning will save lots of time later on.

Whichever tiles you choose to do the job, ceramics are definitely a tile to consider, they are durable, versatile and relatively cheap and because of the huge range of designs available, there is almost certainly a tile that will suit the decor of your bathroom, kitchen or floor space.

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Floor Tile Layout – Marking Tiles

Whenever you are attempting the job of laying floor tiles, you will undoubtedly find that somewhere in your room has an awkward or irregular spot that requires a specifically cut floor tile to fill the area. Obviously this will not be in the center of the floor, but more likely around the edges of the room somewhere. This is normal, so don’t worry if you were thinking that all tiles should just “fit into place”. I think only once, has there been a time where the tiles worked out perfectly, and I didn’t have to cut them. Very lucky on my part on that one!

Still keeping your initial floor tile projection in mind though, and working from your line of sight found when you enter the room, these should actually be the first attempted spots in which to begin laying floor tiles. It are these ‘nooks and crannies’ with which you will find the most difficult to tile, so it is always best to do these first so that you don’t have to work over the top of freshly laid floor tiles that you will most likely disturb.

Following the ideal pattern of having pre-cut tiles for even your dry laying purposes, once you are happy with your direction and projection of tile laying to the point of these awkward spots from your foundation tile, you should begin to mark out and cut the floor tiles necessary for those particular areas. Before actually making any cuts though, you must certainly have to mark out the tiles first.

If ever you find you are working around a door frame for example, then you must measure the dimensions of the protruding frame and then transfer these to the tile. It can be quite a time consuming and confusing task, but with a little concentration, precise measuring, and the help of an adjustable angle tool, the job is not entirely impossible.

With any odd areas to tile, you may find that you’ll never get it exactly right for a snug fit, but then again it’s not exactly a snug fit you are always looking for. When working next to walls, always compensate for near to 1/8″ inch less in your measurements, as you will need this gap for either your cocking sealant or tile grout filler. Tiles should never be butted directly against a wall, and if you ever find that you are slightly off with your measurements, always remember that your baseboards will hide these ugly edges once they are fixed in place.

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Porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles.

Porcelain floor tiles will be commonly seen over larger expanses of floor in large shopping centres and places where a hard durable tile is necessary. Porcelain tiles are largely strong and durable due to the manufacturing process they go through and this is what makes them so popular over large expanses of floor.

Porcelain tiles have a large design and style choice which gives home owners the chance to find a style and design that suits the decor within the home and their personal preferences. Porcelain tiles have been used for years as a flooring material but their design and style choices were once quite limited, over the last decade however advancements in technologies have brought forward new and innovative tile designs.

Porcelain tile are incredibly strong, they are virtually scratch proof, heat resistant, stain proof and they are also frost proof.  Porcelain floor tiles also have a very low absorbency rate which means they will not absorb moisture easily, they are also very easy to clean and maintain and there are many cleaning solutions which are ideal for porcelain floor tiles. Some floor tile materials such as many natural stone tile materials are susceptible to damage when certain substances are used but porcelain tiles will not become damaged easily which makes hem incredibly attractive to home owners for both wall tiles an floor tile installation.

It is very acceptable and great design to have both porcelain wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles in one room. The advantages of porcelain wall tiles are much the same as floor tiles and they offer the home owner both fantastic functionality and design solutions.

There are both glazed porcelain tiles and unglazed porcelain tiles and this can confuse home owners a little. There are a few differences that home owners should be aware of but it is always best to check with the manufacturer or the tile store you purchase the tiles from to ensure you know the exact type of tile you have purchase and their functionalities.

Glazed porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and durable and no holes are usually present as any holes are filled, they will certainly not stain and have a very low absorbency rate. The unglazed variety may be more slip resistant than the glazed varieties but both glazed and unglazed varieties are very strong durable tiles that offer great functionality for the home owner.

Although porcelain tiles are generally described as frost resistant, there may be some varieties that are not and this aspect must be checked before purchase to ensure you have the right tile.

Porcelain tiles whether for floor tile or wall tile application make great additions to the home and they will offer both functionality and design style, they will last the test of time and are easy to clean and maintain which is very important for busy homes.


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Bathroom wall tiles and floor tile choices.

The most important aspect of choosing floor tiles is the material you choose. If you are working towards a budget this will also play a huge role and the size of the area you are tiling is also important. There are many floor tile options in which to choose from and all good tile stores have an abundance of tile materials, styles and designs in which to look at. The first aspect is to visit some good tile stores and make a choice on the material you would like.

Bathrooms are wet and moist areas and it is always important to choose a tile that is ideal for wet areas. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are the first tile materials that come to mind because they are ideal for bathroom areas. Glass wall tiles are also excellent choices although they are a little more expensive than other tile materials but they can be confined to certain areas such as the shower, around the bath and backsplash areas. Glass mosaic borders also work well combined with other tile materials.

Natural stone tile varieties cover a large selection of tiles including travertine tiles, granite tiles, slate tiles, limestone tiles and marble tiles. In general natural stone tiles are the more expensive option but if the area you are tiling is reasonably a small area, natural stone solutions might be an ideal choice. Natural stone floor tiles can also be sourced at reasonable prices especially if the particular tile and style is no longer being produced. In this instance home owners need to ensure that the tile store has enough of the particular floor tile to complete the job and a little extra for breakages.

Marble tiles often remind us of chic, elegant spaces and marble certainly has the ability to really add chic and design. Marble wall tiles can work well in certain areas. There is also the option to use mosaic marble tiles and again confine the marble tiles to certain areas to keep costs down.

The wall tile material you choose will also differ in the maintenance levels they require, marble tiles for instance are a higher maintenance tile that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep them looking good. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are versatile low maintenance tiles that are easy to clean and maintain.

Home owners are longer confined to design varieties and there are an abundance of choices in which to choose from. The first aspect is to visit a good tile store and get some inspiration and ideas before making your choice.




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How are ceramic tiles made

Ceramic tiles are a great addition for any bathroom and kitchen and they are an extremely versatile tile as well as being durable and hard wearing. Ceramic tiles also come in a wide range of colours and styles and you will always find a ceramic tile to fit in with any existing decor and style.

Ceramic tiles have a long history and have been in existence for thousands of years. Years ago the tiles would have only been available to very important people such a queens, kings and royalty but today anyone has access to the wonder of ceramic tiles.

A ceramic tile starts its life as clay and is then moulded into shape, glazed and the colour is added. The tile is then heated and baked until hardened, tiles can be handmade or more commonly made using machinery. Tiles are now manufactured on a grand scale and for that reason machinery is used in order to produce tiles in large quantities.

Ceramic tiles are made from the materials earthenware and porcelain and can be hand cut, moulded by a machine or hand moulded.  Smaller manufacturers will produce much smaller amounts of tiles than a much larger manufacturer who may produce millions of tiles per year.  Larger commercial manufacturers have different shaped moulds that may be squares, ovals and circle shapes and the clay dust is pressed into moulds before being fired, some glazed tiles which have a glossy appearance may need to be fired more than once.  A large kiln is then used to dry the tiles which may take quite some time, this process is likely to take longer for smaller manufacturers especially if the tiles are handmade because of the complexity of the colours and for this reason handmade tiles are more expensive, although lovely.

Ceramic tiles may be glazed or unglazed, unglazed tiles are usually only fired once where as glazed tiles will have a second coat applied before being fired again. This is known as double firing. Glazed tiles are more suitable to walls than flooring because they will become slippery when wet. Quarry tiles which are suitable for flooring are a mixture of unglazed clays and come in a mixture of brown shades which is due to the temperature during firing and the clay colour. Porcelain tiles are fired under extreme temperatures and are the better choice for areas that are likely to be subjected to wet and damp. Porcelain tiles are extremely durable and are very suitable for the kitchen area where there is a high volume of activity.


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Floor tiles and Natural stone tiles.

There are many wall tile choices and the list is endless, home owners are never stuck for choice and variety, in fact the one problem that may arise is choosing the material you would like. More and more home owners are turning their hand to tiling and renovating projects to cut installation costs and because they enjoy the challenge and the creativity of designing their own kitchen or bathroom.

The usual choices and the most popular wall tiles are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles and both are good choices for bathroom areas as well as wall tiles and floor tiles but if you want something a little different, some natural stone tiles can be installed on walls with fantastic results.

The most important aspect of installing natural stone tiles on the walls is to get as much advice as you can and all good tile stores and manufacturers will be happy to offer vital advice. The surface of the walls has to be suitable in order to install natural stone wall tiles and the weight of the natural stone plays a very important part in the installation process.

The grout you use should always be suitable for the natural stone wall tiles you are installing and all good tile stores will be able to advise on this.

Granite tiles are extremely beautiful tiles and work really well on kitchen countertops, backsplash areas and pool areas. Granite tiles can also be installed on kitchen and bathroom walls but the thickness of the tiles will affect the weight and you need to seek advice from any good tile store. There is no mistaking that granite tiles are a thing of beauty and will be a great addition to your home by adding warmth, beauty and real elegant style.

Marble is one of the most expensive natural stone tiles but will add beauty and style to any home but there are places that marble tiles are not suitable for. Marble tiles work well on some surfaces in the kitchen such as countertops and some types of marble can be used as floor tiles. Marble tiles will stain and mark more easily than other tile options and the maintenance is higher, for this reason they are not really used as wall tiles or installed in bathrooms over large areas.

Slate tiles are a great addition to the bathroom and kitchen and can be used on floors, countertops and as wall tiles. The beautiful shades of slate will add a real earthy feel.

Travertine tiles have a classic look and feel and work well in bathrooms and kitchens, travertine tiles are very versatile tiles that can be sued in many places such as bathrooms, kitchens, on countertops and floors.

Always shop around and check any tile material choices with the manufacture, ensure that they are suitable for installation on walls and floors and always follow all guidelines and instructions on the manufacturer’s guidelines before use.

Natural stone tiles can make excellent wall tiles and add real style and design to any home as well as adding warmth and elegance.



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Marble floor tiles.

Many home owners like the idea of marble tiles because of the beauty they offer and they make great additions to kitchens and bathrooms but many home owners are not sure if marble tiles are suitable as floor tiles. Marble tiles are ideal in certain areas and are often used in kitchens on countertops, tables and as mosaic tiles but they are not so commonly used on kitchen floors because they are not a particularly strong durable tile that will work well in high traffic areas.

There is however places and types of marble tiles that are suitable for floors but you need to select wisely and use the correct type of marble tiles as there are different types.  The tumbled variety of marble tiles are probably more suited to busy floor areas such as the kitchen and they have more of an earthy look and feel, they are not a polished tile and have more of a buff finish which creates real character.

The polished variety of marble tiles will give more of a polished look and elegant feel, there is no doubt that they will create an impressive presence, the polished variety of marble tiles work well in hallways and entryways.

If you are considering installing marble floor tiles, you will often be advised to have the tiles sealed to offer more protection. There are different types of sealant and you need to get as much information as you can to ensure you use the correct one. Sealing your marble floor tiles will protect the tiles from stains and any spillages and in high traffic areas, this is really important. Marble tiles are a higher maintenance tile that requires regular care and maintenance but there is no doubt that they can be installed successfully and creates an ideal floor solution.

Marble tiles and slabs are available with the marble slabs being cut to size depending on the specifications and the dimensions of the room. There is no doubt that marble is simply beautiful and although costly marble will transform the style and decor of your home beautifully.

If Marble is installed correctly and the correct type and finish of marble is used, it will certainly be worth it and will last the test of time. As well as adding value to your home, marble will transform it into a place of beauty.

Always shop around and get6 as much information as you can on the different variations of marble tiles, the internet is a good place to start and all good tile stores will have plenty of marble sample tiles.



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Advantages of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all tile materials and ceramic tiles are no different, one of the main advantages of the ceramic tiles is that it is suitable for both wall tile and floor tile installation and they come in a fantastic range of colours, styles and sizes, this ensures that there is a ceramic tile that will suit all tastes and environments.  The other massive advantage is the durability and strength that ceramic tile offers, they will certainly nor break easily and they will last a lifetime, they are incredibly easy to clean making them great for family homes where time is short but home owner still want a fantastic designed floor area.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are also resistant to almost every substance you can think of as well as being heat resistant, they are scratch proof, frost proof and they are incredibly slip resistant which makes them ideal for bathroom and kitchen areas where there is likely to be water and moisture.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are now available in a wide range of colours and styles and their colour will not fade even when in direct sunlight, often home owners are concerned that over time the colour and quality of their floor tiles may degenerate but ceramic floor and wall tiles do a good job of holding onto their colour brightness.

There are also many ways in which ceramic tiles can be installed, ceramic floor tiles can be arranged in many different pattern forms which gives home owners the chance to have a unique and individual floor tile design. There are an abundance of ceramic floor tile patterns on the internet such as the basket pattern that is an alternative to installing the floor tiles in a standard row pattern.

Ceramic floor tiles are also very durable and great for decorating kitchens and bathrooms; they can be installed on the body of the bathroom wall, around the shower and bath areas with great success.

The ease at which ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles can be cleaned and maintained is also a massive advantage and having a tile that is easy to clean is really important for busy home areas. The kitchen is one room that is used all the time and wall tiles are naturally going to become soiled but regular cleaning of ceramic tiles ensures they stay looking fresh and clean. There are many ceramic tile cleaners on the market that are suitable for all eventualities from cleaning heavily soiled tiles to more regular cleaning, always ensure any product you use is suitable for the tile material you are cleaning.

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Ceramic Tiles Floor VS Hardwood Floor

Both ceramic tile floor and the hardwood floor are popular among homeowners. They both share some advantages and disadvantages.

Hardwood floors have two common types, solid and engineered planks. Solid wood floors are able to be used only in wood type sub – floors. Besides, in the sub-floor, humidity is not an issue and has to be nailed-down during installation. The second type is the engineered floor which comes in narrow planks. Most of the engineered floors can be stapled to a wood sub-floor. Engineered floors are more dimensional stable than solid wood floors and can be used in many areas of the home.

Ceramic floor tile is made from various clays and takes a very sturdy sub-floor. Sometimes, people will install the ceramic floor over extra thick plywood. Between the tiles people need a special colored grout mixture. The installation of the ceramic is quite important as this is the key to have a long lasting ceramic tile floor. Compared to hardwood floor, the ceramic tiles floor deals with the wet area better.  Make sure to choose a tile you want to live with for a long time, because it is very tiring to replace original tiles.

Some people say that the hardwood floor is better than the ceramic tiles floor because the wood floor seems to be more high-class. However, the ceramic floor has several outstanding advantages which make it one of the favorites among consumers. Firstly, the ceramic tile is easy to clean. Besides, durability is also another strong point of the ceramic tiles.

Moreover, some designers point out that the ceramic tiles of good quality have natural color which can make the room look brighter.

If you choose the hardwood floor, you need to spend more time on the floor maintenance. You need to polish the floor with wax regularly to maintain its glory. What’s more, it will be your nightmare if you find out there are the white ants. The white ants will ruin the entire floor.

However, the ceramic tile floor is harder and some radiation may be released from the floor. On the contrast, the hardwood floor is softer and it can absorb some noises. One of the most outstanding functions of the wood floor is that it can make people feel relaxed. 

The two types of floor all have their own merits. No matter which one you choose, you need remember that the regular maintenance and cleaning is the key to the floor last longer.

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Ceramic Tiles

Do you want to make your home beautiful? Do you know how can you add more worth and space to your residence even while paying very less? Well, everyone wants to make his dwelling simply perfect and wonderful that may attract others attention others attention very easily. It can be done without making mush effort if you know about Ceramic Tiles. Yeah, these tiles are used since huge times thus they have significant standing among all types of tiles available… it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ceramic Tiles add huge beauty to your home and its various parts to make it wonderful having lavishness. It is because there are many benefits that can only be acquired through using these tiles and none of others… let us have a look at some of the most appealing and attractive benefits of using Ceramic Tiles…

Beautiful and Decent Ceramic Tiles:

Beauty is a major factor that is necessary for every kind of product or item you want to buy. It is the same requirement while one chooses among on hand types and varieties of tiles. Ceramic Tiles are preferred because they are available in most impressive designs and attractive colors that catch ones attention in the very first glance when he or she looks at them. They are simply amazing because of unusual beauty and stylishness that make them more striking and inspiring. This is a factor that forces many people to overlook over available tiles while considering Ceramic Tiles that are simply beautiful and add hug worth and style to your homes.

Reliable and useful:

What else you may need in tiles to use them? Hey should have beautiful looks as said above? They must be reliable enough to have their real beauty for many years without losing their attractiveness…  they must be easily installed and easy to be used… well, it is simply valuable to know that all these features are found with Ceramic Tiles that have become famous globally.

It is very easy to install them on your home walls as well as rooms. Even these tiles can also be used in kitchens to make them more beautiful. It is further very easy to keep them cleaned as it doesn’t require hard and fast methods but these tiles can be cleaned without serving mush endeavor.

Protect against germs:

What can you do with things that are beautiful, easy to use and easy to be cleaned but let germs to get into your home? Well, of course you would not think about using them at all. However Ceramic Tiles are able to protect your family against germs so using them is safe and secure as now you are out of access of germs and from many usual diseases.  

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